Jason Anderson claims the Atlanta 450 Triple Crown | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Jason Anderson takes home the overall Triple Crown with a win in the second main event. Justin Brayton and Marvin Musquin won main events 1 and 3

ANNOUNCER 1: The first 450 gate drop in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Baggett on the inside on the four, but it is not going to be him. Instead, it is Christian Craig on the 32.

ANNOUNCER 2: Stepping up there, the HRC Honda team there, in the absence of Seeley and Roxen, and wow, great start. Yeah, Chad Reed was third--

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at Justin Brayton running through there in third place now, Jeff. And that Honda rider did a great job at the first round of the Monster Energy Triple Crown. So he now move into second, and the rider who calls North Carolina home up in Charlotte, this is a home race fore him. And he's feeling it.

Here comes Anderson, right on his tail. Of course, he has that red number plate because he's the current 450 points leader.

ANNOUNCER 3: Watch this, inside.

ANNOUNCER 1: Inside, yes.

ANNOUNCER 3: Oh, yeah, Baggett couldn't do anything about that. He just muscled his way on by.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think this is a good move by Jason Anderson. We know he has been getting bad starts. This guy's--

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, look at this. Baggett back at him. Coming after him, right alongside. And Baggett on the KTM has to pull back in line. Baggett had three straight third-place finishes this year. Oakland, San Diego, and Dallas, for a ninth last week at Tampa, but he is coming after Anderson again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Baggett muscling his way back by, how about that effort? Wow. And like Ricky said, he was fast through the whoops. He got on the inside, and just was not a-- and look at Anderson? He is trying to move his way by.

This is-- this next turn. There we saw, that was a pretty good passing spot. But--

ANNOUNCER 2: Anderson on the other hand, with 7, 3rd, and first.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, here we go again.

ANNOUNCER 2: At Anaheim, two. And the first Triple Crown race and finished third overall. He is looking to improve on that here tonight. Oh, problems for Cooper, Webb, and another rider down in between the tough logs there. That is Broc Tickle.

ANNOUNCER 1: There are flags all over. There is a rider down in the first turn area also.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, and the On-Point Starts medical team right there assisting Broc. Let's see what happened here, Jeff.

ANNOUNCER 1: Left side of your screen. Oh-- they get together. And that was Weston Peick also. All five riders are wheel-to-wheel. Anderson is super--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, Tomac right up into Anderson. And Anderson escapes. And Brayton looking inside. He is going for the lead. He has got it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brayton went second, sixth, and third at the first one, for third overall. He is going to win the first one here in Atlanta.

450, race number two. The all-important hole shot. Who is going to get it? How about Baggett? No, says Anderson. I've got it on the inside.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about Cooper web sneaking into the second spot?

ANNOUNCER 2: Believe it or not, Jason Anderson, who is the points leader and has won races this year, that is his first hole shot of the 2018 campaign. One to go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, and meanwhile, the lappers in front of him--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, that is going to cause him some issues, as the 39 and Cunningham and [INAUDIBLE] get together.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, that is going to benefit Anderson big time, because those two were locked up in a battle. And wasn't look like they were going to obey the blue flags, or at least care much about, because they are battling for their own position, which was 14 to 15.

Cooper clears it pretty quick. Plenty of traffic in front, including Chad Reed, on the 22. Reed right now running in 13th.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, and Webb is right there again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here they come, and the crowd is getting into it. They sense the battle to the finish. What can Cooper do? Looking inside. Can't get there yet.


ANNOUNCER 1: Checkered flag is right there, and Anderson beats him to the line.

Final game drop. The intensity. Who is going to win the Triple Crown in Atlanta.

Baggett with a great start on the four. And Craig, I think, just beat him to the line. He did, but Baggett is going to take the lead by the time they get to the end of this rhythm lane.

ANNOUNCER 2: Anderson comes out fourth. He has Webb on his inside. Watch this, as they go to the turn. Musquin was right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, Webb had a bead on the number 21, but he had to check up. A couple riders down in the second turn.

ANNOUNCER 2: Craig back in the lead.

ANNOUNCER 3: I think we are going to see a lot more of him running up front, like we have always seen him through his professional career, if he can close it out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, no, Baggett. Big problems, and he is off the number four and off the side of the race track.

ANNOUNCER 2: Let's see what happens. Oh, he almost goes over the berm-- oh, man.

ANNOUNCER 1: Man. And here is Craig, fighting with Musquin. And Musquin going for the lead. And Marvin has got the number-one spot for now.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, no.


ANNOUNCER 2: Tomac with a big mistake, but somehow saves it on that Monster Energy Kawasaki.


ANNOUNCER 2: That was miraculous. And now he goes after Anderson, and gets by.


ANNOUNCER 2: I'll tell you what, Anderson is drifting back, because here comes Cooper.


ANNOUNCER 2: Cooper is going to make the move on the Yamaha, and that is going to drop Anderson back to fourth. And now things are getting a little shaky as to who might get the overall here.

Working his way to the checkered flag on the Red Bull KTM. Marvin Musquin wins the third and final main event of the night here at Mercedes-Benz stadium. Tomac will take second. Anderson working his way to the finish line jump. With a fourth-place finish, will be good enough to take the overall. There it is, checkered flag. And Jason Anderson has his fourth win of the 2018 season.

- How did you change your approach in this second Triple Crown to make sure you came away with the overall win?

- I think it was just starts. You know, I've really been trying to perfect those this year, and put myself in a better position. And it worked. In the last race, the track was so gnarly. And I am so glad that I didn't really have to push it too hard.

And I had a tough time all day, but when it came to the racing part, I was a lot better. And I'm excited, you know. I just want to keep this ball rolling and stay consistent, and keep doing good. And you know, I want to put this rocks around [INAUDIBLE] on top more often. So pumped to get a Triple Crown win, and hopefully, many more of these.

- I know you're out of breath. How much harder is it, really, to have to go out and do it three times?

- I mean, the races aren't too much harder. It's just regrouping and doing so many of them. Spike your heart rate down. Spike your heart rate-- it's just, we are doing intervals out there, as far as, you know, these races go. You know, we are at a high heart rate right away. And we usually won't have to do at the end of the night, and we're doing it three times in one night. Not as long, but you still get it up there. You know, 190, 200. So it is intense.