Austin Forkner takes overall win at the Atlanta 250 Triple Crown | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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While Zach Osborne, Martin Davalos, and Jeremy Martin win the three main events, Austin Forkner has the best overall finish and wins the Atlanta 250 Triple Crown.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here is the first gate drop in Mercedes-Benz stadium history.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, the fight to get to the inside. It is going to be Davalos on the green Kawasaki who gets the whole shot, but boy, does he have a pack of riders chasing him, including the reigning champion Zach Osborne on that Rockstar Husqvarna number 1.

ANNOUNCER 1: Somebody is down, yellow flags.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, the yellow flag is down.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's our leader.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's Davalos, the race leader who went down, who had just gotten his first whole shot of the year. And now, finds himself out of this one as Osborne takes over the lead. Number--

ANNOUNCER 1: Really, OK. Here, so this the triple. Oh, wow, he just-- that was crazy. He just had his weight--

ANNOUNCER 2: Kept going.

ANNOUNCER 1: Too far to the inside. It was like he was locked in, Jeff. On hi bike, and it just pulled him to the left.

ANNOUNCER 2: And here is Osborne, working his way to the checkered flag for the first race. And Rock Star Husqvarna rider, the reigning champ, set the tone early here. Here he comes, checkered flag. And he will win race number one.

As they are ready to drop the gate and go racing again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Packing up on that first corner, and Forkner gets the whole shot. Osborne is right behind him, and he has got a good run through the rhythm lane. Osborne gets inside. And number one almost had the lead, Jeff, but he had a bit of a bobble in the middle of the corner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, big bobble-- now he gets a pass once again. We did have three riders down in the first turn. Looks like Colt Nichols was in there, maybe Decotis, and for sure, Jeremy Martin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Osborne again onto the inside of Davalos. Side by side, Osborne is going to have the advantage there.

ANNOUNCER 2: It is a little bit harder to what he said--

ANNOUNCER 1: What. Oh, no. Big crash, coming off hard.

ANNOUNCER 2: He knows he's there now. Whoops, there it is.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, just-- almost got into it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, it is going to be short.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, contact. There goes Osborne, right off the bike.

ANNOUNCER 2: Davalos, trying to get inside.

ANNOUNCER 3: He's got it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Coming after him.

ANNOUNCER 3: He's got it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ah, there it is. Davalos goes by. And Forkner bobble coming off the corner.

ANNOUNCER 1: They are scoring Osborne the old-fashioned way, with the eyeballs. And checkered flag, that's easy to see. Davalos gets the win here. And here comes on Osborne. He is going to hold on and finish third. And I think he's probably wondering what's going on. They will straighten it out for him and let him know.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm not sure what he-- look how twisted the handlebars are.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, man, what a mess.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's fired up about something. Oh, here we go.


ANNOUNCER 2: We are going to have some words here with Forkner.

ANNOUNCER 1: And you can see-- he's got a bloody nose. You can see it. That is from where he hit his face and helmet right onto the rear fender. You can see his bike twisting a little in the air.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, I mean--

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, Osborne, right into that fender.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ready to go, kicked into gear. The final race for the 250 East.

Martin with the move, up the inside on the six. Could be the whole shot. Davalos right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Osborne is back about sixth or seventh.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Rodriguez on the 56, on the outside. Osborne buried in the pack. Not the start he needed. Here comes Davalos chasing after Martin. Davalos with a great run through those challenging whoops, puts himself in to second.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about the great start by Rodriquez-- oh, and he goes down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tipping over is Rodriguez. Gets run over by Osborne. That is Osborne on the ground.

ANNOUNCER 2: Massive pile-up.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's up and going again. Oh, boy, a bunch of bikes stacked up behind him. But Osborne is buried way back in the field. And his shot at maybe winning here tonight can go right out the window.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm a little surprised at our leader, Jeremy Martin, on the Honda. He started-- oh, no.

ANNOUNCER 1: No, big problems for Martin Davalos.

ANNOUNCER 2: Forkner has a chance to win this also. So does Osborne.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now Osborne is tied with Forkner at 11. He needs two more positions because he is actually-- he would lose a tiebreaker to Smith right now. Forkner has got to get going.

Here's a battle for overall, as Osborne gets around Peters. And Osborne goes back to the overall lead. Because that puts him into fifth, he would be one up on Forkner now. Osborne cannot lose a spot, as we go to the white flag for these two.

Because if he does, he would be tied with Forkner at the points, and then it is a toss up. We would have see when it comes down to the finish in the final race. And Martin with a bit of a bobble, and Nichols right on his tail, as they race to the checkers here.

Here comes Nichols, with a great run through there. And Nichols has never won. He has finished second twice in his career, Oakland in '16 and Dallas this year. And Forkner and Hampshire battling. Boy, there is great racing everywhere here tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: The fifth points are going to be so close, Ralph.

ANNOUNCER 1: Forkner, railing around that big berm. Martin and Nichols holding position. Hampshire, Forkner. Here's Osborne. That is going to give Forkner the overall, as they come to the checkers, Martin gets the win. Forkner is going to get the overall because he is going to have the better finish in the final race.

It is 4, 2, 3, for 9. And a 1, 3, 5, for 9 for Osborne. The difference-- the third to the fifth. That is your overall winner.

- How good does it feel to not only win last weekend, but now have the overall win again tonight?

- Yeah, it's awesome. That was actually one of the most hectic nights of racing that I've had in a while. With the first moto, I just kind of got shuffled back, and just couldn't make moves. The second moto, I clipped some tough blocks, and ripped my brake off. And then me and Zach ended up getting together.

And that moto, just not the greatest start. Kind of got shut down, and got shuffled around. And just had to push super hard. There was a bunch of carnage going on, but I knew that I had to be-- I knew I had to be-- have somebody in between me and Zach to get the overall. And I knew that I had to get-- I had to get RJ on that last lap.

And I just pushed as hard as I could the whole time and made it happen. It was just-- it was tough. The track is gnarly. It's really rutted, and the whoops are pretty destroyed. So you have to be smart and smooth. And I'm stoked. It is great.