Daniel Abt scores first career win at the Mexico City ePrix | 2018 ABB FORMULA E CHAMPIONSHIP

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Daniel Abt overtakes Oliver Turvey in the pits and goes on to score his first career ePrix victory.

ANNOUNCER 1: And we go green in Mexico City. It's a decent start for Rosenqvist, Turvey is trying to pull alongside him, but Rosenqvist comes across, covers it nicely. Buemi looking racy, and Daniel Abt looks to the outside. Great start from the German for Audi. He has made up a place, everybody safely through the first corner. Lucas di Grassi has already made up one place. This is where the concertina tends to happen, though. Coming down into turn three, look at [INAUDIBLE] up the inside of two cars, side by side with Da Costa. There's a bit of bodywork flying further back, but predominantly were safely through. But a really feisty start to the race with [INAUDIBLE] he has now got past Nelson Piquet as they come into the forest. So the crowd erupts on its opening lap.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's got to keep mak-- he's got to keep pushing forward though. He can be slowed down to the pace of the car in front of him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rosenqvist is slowing. Race leader, Felix Rosenqvist, in the Mahindra, it's crawling. Oliver Turvey it's into the lead of the Mexico City ePrix. And Rosenqvist is out of contention and has that damage to his title chances. Can he get that Mahindra going? What massive drama.


ANNOUNCER 1: There he goes, lights up the rear tires, but he's now in last place. Daniel Abt is in second position now. Look at that, the Audi driver coming down into turn one. He's got past Sebastien Buemi somewhere out there. Well, let's see what happened then. Here we go on board with him, coming down into turn one, Buemi covers the inside line. Oh, he's made a mistake. Buemi's throwing it away on second position.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, dear, I mean-- Yeah, he went good on the dirty part of the track, Jack, trying to defend and you see the result. Look-- oh, it's bizarre.

ANNOUNCER 1: The race leader is going to be coming into the pits any second. Turvey's in, Abt is in, Buemi in. Here we go then. This is where it gets very, very busy in the pit lane. Remember, Turvey came in in front of Daniel Abt. Piquet staying out for another lap in the Jaguar. So Nelson Piquet staying out for an extra lap in the Jaguar. Now, it's a case of changing over your cars as quickly as possible. Turvey leaps of one, leaps into the other.

ANNOUNCER 2: Did Turvey hit the toolbox at the end with the nose of the car?

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, quite possibly-- using it as an extra break.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Daniel Abt. Now, Abt is further down the pit lane than Turvey so he may well have to wait. There goes Abt. He's done it. Daniel Abt doubt, and his leap from Dollivan Turvey-- Turvey has been held up behind Pros. Vergne's right behind Turvey, but that gives Daniel Abt the net lead of the Mexico City ePrix. Fantastic pit work from the Audi team. And the young man is out in front as Daniel Abt comes across the line to start the final lap of the Mexico City ePrix. Who is going to finish in second place? Oliver Turvey has it at the moment, but Buemi is on a charge, but he's not quite close enough. As late in the breaks as possible as they flash through turn one.

Now through the long right under of two, Turvey will just cover the inside line. There's no way he is opening the door for the Swiss racer to try and get past. di Grassi is up into tenth place. It looks like the Brazilian will finally seal some championship points, but this four car train over second position at the moment is being headed by Oliver Turvey, the Englishman who has never had a Formula E podium in his whole career before. And I think he's just going to hold on-- isn't he ahead of Sebastian Buemi? It's going to be incredibly close between the two of them, into the final chicane they're going to come. But here comes Daniel Abt already through the final chicane, and Daniel Abt is going to win for Audi. Their winless streak is over. Abt victorious in Mexico.

MAN: Yeah!

ANNOUNCER 1: Second to cross the line is Oliver Turvey. Third is Buemi.

REPORTER: Daniel, congratulations on your first ever-- second victory.

DANIEL ABT: Yeah, I mean, I hope we can keep this one-- what a fantastic race. What a crazy hot day, really not easy out there. But, yeah, car was fantastic. My guys did an incredible pit stop.

REPORTER: Tell us about that pit stop.

DANIEL ABT: I mean, we knew we were quick, but practice is something different to race. And I think they were even quicker than in practice. They just know how to do it and they deserve a beer tonight.

REPORTER: You know, you made it look easy. You're so smooth driving the car. Did you just get in a really nice rhythm?

DANIEL ABT: Yeah, I mean, in the beginning, it was a bit tough because I was stuck behind Sebastien and I saw Oliver go away, so I felt like I had to overtake, but he was not easy to overtake. And then I could force him into a mistake, then could catch the gap, and then, yeah, we got it at the pit stop.

REPORTER: So happy for you. Congratulations.