Steve Torrence takes down his dad Billy in the semifinals | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Steve Torrence prevails against his father Billy Torrence in the Top Fuel semifinals at the NHRA Arizona Nationals.

ANNOUNCER 1: Take a look in the opposite lane. Black top, white side that houses the car of Steve Torrence. 2013, the US Nationals. The only time they raced. Billy broke on that run. He wants a little revenge against his kid right now.


ANNOUNCER 1: Great run by 100 Steve Torrence. 372.2 372.6. They promised us a great race, and they delivered. Two cars separated by 4/1000ths--

- Woo, woo!

ANNOUNCER 1: And about 3/10 of a mile per hour.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dave, we've seen some exciting racing over the last couple races. But I got to tell you, this is worth the price of admission. This is one of the best drag races that I've seen in a long time. Just so happens to be father and son, both of them were good off the starting line.

And really, what separated both of these cars at the finish line was 100th of a second advantage by the younger Steve Torrence. Because.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lucas Oil finish line cam shows you that Steve Torrence got there first. He races into his 31st career top fuel final round. Mama likes it either way, but knows it's going to be son today. By the way, that 31st top fuel final ties him with former champion driver and tutor, Dick LaHaie. By the way, Steve Torrence now, your points leader as well.