Eli Tomac wins 450 main battle with Musquin in Tampa | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac gets the better of Marvin Musquin at the 450 main in Tampa, and takes home his 4th win of the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here we go. Getting ready to get started in Tampa. It's been 19 years since we've raced here. Who's going to win tonight?


Looking for the hole shot, Cooper Webb trying to come around the outside, Tomac on the inside, and, I think, got it. No, they credit it to Webb. Then Tomac tried to leap by on the inside, and he's going to get the lead as they dive into the sand.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, and Musquin and Hill both came firing in there, or-- yeah, Musquin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Webb pulls back away. The Yamaha rider has been getting better and better every week. Can tonight be the night that he gets victory number one?

ANNOUNCER 2: Your points leader, Jason Anderson. Show timing and scoring, that's him in sixth. Oh, there goes Tomac.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tomac on the Kawasaki takes the lead. Can he hang onto it? Boy, he got a great run into the sand section, Ricky.

ANNOUNCER 2: There goes Hill, quad-- quad. Oh!

ANNOUNCER 1: Quad, wow! And Tomac loses the lead as the French rider, Musquin, pulls past. And here comes Hill!

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch Hill squaring them out.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hill's on that Suzuki, trying to cut back inside.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch Hill go to the inside right here. Oh no, Tomac's got the spot. Hill, trying to be in position to be only the sixth rider in history to win his first premier class start as he moves up into second.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! Musquin, with a bit of a mistake. Here's Hill!

BOTH: Whoa!

ANNOUNCER 1: Down he goes! He tried to cut down and he hadn't--

ANNOUNCER 2: Just a little bit impatient.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, Musquin just hadn't cleared yet.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm going to take a different line through-- whoa.

ANNOUNCER 1: Whoa, there it is! And the crowd cheers him all the way through the sand, as Tomac asserts himself and pushes to the front of the field.

ANNOUNCER 2: Going for win number four on the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: Whoa! And Musquin back in front!

ANNOUNCER 2: No way. I mean, Tomac out of Colorado. KTM versus Kawasaki.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Tomac again.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Musquin gave him a lot of room right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tomac going for his fourth win of the year, 13th since the start of 2017. 17th of his career, and 71 starts.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow. Well, he's still got one more trip through the sand left, too. Let's don't--


ANNOUNCER 2: Don't forget about that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Not over yet.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not over yet.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here it comes.


ANNOUNCER 1: It's the first time we've raced here in Raymond James Stadium since 1999. And Eli Tomac comes back to Tampa and will go to the top step of the podium.

- It was down that rhythm section, and then I was able to get on the inside of him. Kind of saved that for the end of the night there. You know, used it in the heat race once, and I got close to a pass, and then was able to do it in the main. So that was good. There was an option there. And actually made it happen twice in the same spot, and then, finally, the second time, it stuck.

And, you know, that was just a race that required patience. You know, at first, I was a little bit-- a little bit off there. Got passed by a few guys that were riding better than me early on. But was able to get in the groove and make a move there. And just had fun riding my dirt bike.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well done. Eli Tomac has four wins so far this year, guys.