Austin Forkner wins 250 East main event at Tampa | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Austin Forkner holds off Dylan Ferrandis to win the 250 main event in Tampa.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here we go. The sand awaits, in Tampa!



Who's going to the whole shot? Who's going to come from where? On the outside, it looks like, is Hampshire.


ANNOUNCER 1: Quick on the start. And Osborne, with another good start, as he sits in second.


ANNOUNCER 1: Problems, right in the middle of the pack!

ANNOUNCER 2: Forkner, and--

ANNOUNCER 1: And that's going to take a bunch of guys down. Here's Osborne, with Forkner coming up on the inside! And the 35 quickly moves up into second place.

ANNOUNCER 2: And RJ Hampshire, out front. RJ, out of Wesley Chapel, Florida. Hometown race for him, here. Oh, he makes a mistake!

ANNOUNCER 1: Forkner, with a good run through there. Just rips around that Big Bird turn, and into the lead, as they dive into the sand once again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, and Forkner got out, he got pretty squirrelly through that sand, also.


ANNOUNCER 1: Past the mechanics. Forkner sees Hampshire come blasting up the inside! And then he pushes past, again, to hang on to the lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ferrandis, pretty good through here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, look at-- oh, here, at this-- going to--

ANNOUNCER 1: That's the difference, right there, isn't it?

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Hampshire made a little mistake, there, missed one of the triples.


ANNOUNCER 2: Now, he--

ANNOUNCER 1: Hampshire, big mistake!

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow! Well, for Ferrandis, that makes life easy.

Right around the 44.

ANNOUNCER 1: Whoa! Pass for second, Ralph.


ANNOUNCER 1: Ferrandis gets by, as he rips through the sand. And Osborne, not able to come back, just yet.

As Ferrandis closes in, and the white flag comes out. Forkner won three events at the Monster Energy Cup. That's where we introduced him to the world. And Ferrandis introduces himself, as he comes right into the side of the Kawasaki rider.

The last rider we saw get their first career victory in the 250 Series, was Jordan Smith, last year, in March. Tonight, it's going to be either Austin Forkner, or Dylan Ferrandis. Who will it be?

It's Austin Forkner, who lights the candles in Tampa, getting his first career victory! Monster Energy Supercross and the 250 East Championship.

INTERVIEWER: How diligently did you have to hit your marks, there at the end, knowing Dylan Ferrandis-- he was coming?

AUSTIN FORKNER: Yeah, he, uh-- we got some good contact, right here. I was-- I wasn't sure both of us weren't going to go down. But after that, I just sent it through the [INAUDIBLE] the last lap and tried to get a gap, just so I could be comfortable at the last-- not make any mistakes. I did it, and I'm so stoked right now! This is my first-- first podium of the season, first win ever. So, I'm super happy, right now!

Just got to give it up to everybody on my team. Monster Energy, Prostart, Kawasaki-- Mitch, Bones, Adam, my mechanic Ollie-- my mom, my dad, my whole family-- Bell, Scott, Dunlop, Specialized Bikes-- the Lord, for keeping me safe-- just, it's-- I'm so-- I'm stoked right now.