Chad Reed makes history with his 228th career start | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Chad Reed makes Supercross history with his 228th main event start, breaking the record of 227 held by Mike LaRocco

COMMENTATOR: There's no doubt Chad Reed is a first pallet Hall of Famer. And getting another last chance qualifier victory is just one more stat to the legendary career as he gets main event start number 228 guaranteed here, tonight with the last chance qualifier victory as he makes history here, tonight.

NARRATOR 1: Over his storied career, Chad Reed has competed against some of the greatest names in Supercross racing. He started at the very end of the McGrath era. And memories of his battles with James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael will live on forever. Even as he approaches his 36th birthday and is recovering from injury, Reed is in the starting gate week after week after week. He's 42 straight starts are, by far, the most of any active rider. Fox analyst, and five- time Supercross champ, Ricky Carmichael, remembers his battles with the new Essex Ironman.

NARRATOR 2: Chad Reed first came to race in the US at the end of the last century. He finished 17th in the 1999 San Diego 125 Supercross. When he returned in 2002, he was ready to begin his ascent up the ladder in American racing. Chad won six of seven races and easily won the 125 East title. He made a few brief appearances in the 250 class, out west that season, earning three top tens and a top five in San Diego.

2002 was a year I earned my second Supercross title. Starting next season, I would have to deal with Chad for the remainder of my career. I was totally caught off guard by Reed and was not anticipating what was to come. He won the Anaheim Opener in 2003 in the last six races of the season. But luckily, I managed to hold him off by only seven points. I raced against a lot of great and talented riders in my career, but no one ever raced me with the package of skill, speed, and tenacity that the 2-2 displayed every time when we went to the starting gate.

In 2004, I watched from the sidelines as Chad would win the first of his two championships, outpacing Kevin Wyndham by winning 10 races and never finishing off the podium. I returned on a Suzuki to win two more titles, including my fifth and final championship in 2006 when myself, Chad, and James Stewart fought down to the final lap in Las Vegas in an epic points chase. 26 times, Reed and I battled for the race win. The guy was always there until the bitter end. I always knew that it would be a 20 lap fight to the finish when I had to race into the checkered flag.

Chad would add his second title in 2008. Whenever he decides to walk away, he will be remembered as an all- time great. I hung it up in 2007. Here we are, 11 years later, and he is still out there, getting after it. It's been a decade since I last threw a leg over the number 4 Suzuki and raced with Chad Reed. But our battles over the years are hands down, some of the greatest memories of my career. And by far, he was the toughest competitor I'd ever faced and tried to beat in a Supercross championship. Congratulations to Chad Reed, Supercross' new Iron Man.