Eli Tomac dominates the 450 main in Arlington | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Eli Tomac takes the hole at the start of the 450 main and doesn't look back as he takes his third win of the year.

ANNOUNCER: Here we go. Get read for the gate drop. Tomac's there first. Anderson on his heels. Baggett to the inside.

ANNOUNCER: Muscquin's right in there in 4th, Pike 5th. Now, can Tomac crank away from Anderson's grasp or can Anderson match the pace here.

ANNOUNCER: Oh wait, Anderson's down.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, one rider down. It's Anderson. It is. Well, that's a big twist.

ANNOUNCER: Watch what Anderson does right here when he comes out of the turn. He's going to jump in, carry the front wheel, and then just set it down and blitz him.


ANNOUNCER: That was nice.

ANNOUNCER: It sure was. And he is around Cole Seely and up into 4th. If he can catch Baggett that would be for a podium.

ANNOUNCER: Well, it's a big gap, because Baggett's eight seconds off the lead. Anderson's 14 seconds off the lead.

ANNOUNCER: Take it back.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, and see this.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, Anderson, watch what he does right here. Picks up the front wheel and he's going to set it down perfectly and just start skimming the whoops. And look right there, as Cole's popping up and down and bouncing a little bit, Anderson blitzes right across the top. Remember our science of Supercross what Ricky was talking about where you just set the wheel down and just tap, tap, tap, all the way through. That was just perfection out of your points leader.

ANNOUNCER: Well, that's Energy Kawasaki's Eli Tomac looking for with number three here tonight and the year. Eli working his way around on this final lap.

ANNOUNCER: He's been so strong here tonight. What does he race? Quick time and here he comes. And the checkered flag waits at the top of the hill as Eli Tomac takes the win in Arlington.

ANNOUNCER: Mike France. Dean Gibson, everyone at Monster Energy Kawasaki giving him the high-five.

ANNOUNCER: Third victory of the year for Eli Tomac.

REPORTER: Fastest qualifier, let all the lapse in your heat and your main, got the holeshot, how are you able to check all those boxes?

ELI TOMAC: Just finding the flow and feeling food on the bike, feeling comfortable on the track. And the starts really did us good and I was able to holeshot my heat race in the main event. Then once we got going, it was just staying consistent and just me and the bike. I don't know, it was just a good day. We never had a great finisher in Dallas, so this is something I've always wanted to check off my box, which is a win here in Dallas. So yeah, feels awesome.

REPORTER: How does this give you a boost of confidence as you look towards next week in Tampa?

ELI TOMAC: It's where I always feel like we we're supposed to be, but the season's been rough for us. But it's dirt bike racing, you got to deal with it and all you can do is charge forward and look forward to that next weekend and make it happen like we did tonight. So, thank you to Monster Energy Kawasaki and the whole team. We kept our heads up and went out there and got it done today.