Zach Osborne wins 250 East season-opener at Arlington | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Zach Osborne rebounds from a fall to take the win in the 250 East season-opening race in Arlington.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, big crash. We talked about the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasakis getting great starts. That one went terribly wrong. And jumping out to the lead is going to be Hampshire, with Cantrell right behind him, as a whole host of riders went down in that first left-hand bend.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ralph, they were so aggressive in the first turn, it was like nobody wanted to let off.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, oh, here we go. Already a battle at the front. But Hampshire is able to pull away.

ANNOUNCER 2: Osborne is going to be hard to beat right now. He is so strong, just physically fit. That is one of his greatest-- oh!

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, and down he goes. He tucks the front wheel, gets going again, but he lost a handful of spots.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jeff, we talk about all the time, you know how aggressive Zach Osborne is. He is never going to let up. The guy charges 110%, and he is going to find a way to get by you, some way, somehow. I mean, look at him, just scrubbing, getting every little inch out of the track.

ANNOUNCER 1: First career start for Ken Trail.

ANNOUNCER 2: But Osborne is not done.

ANNOUNCER 1: For the man that is battling with him, though, Osborne, it is 57th career start. And he gets the pass completed.

ANNOUNCER 2: OK, can Hampshire pick up? Is he going to block the line. Looked inside, didn't he?

ANNOUNCER 1: I like what he did right there, though. He needs to get some acceleration going. That was a really good line, like you said--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, little mistake. Little mistake.

ANNOUNCER 1: And there comes Osborne. Crowd on their feet here in Texas. Osborne cuts down. Oh, boy, that's close.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hampshire overjumped the finish line. He's going to get into him though, he is going to play it safe.

ANNOUNCER 1: Osborne takes the lead over. And last year, every race that he led laps in, he won. So now that Osborne has the lead, this is not a guy that is used to giving it up.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Jeff, this is a guy that is known for come-from-behind victories. And not that fourth is-- Oh, no, Hampshire. Now it all goes away.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about Osborne?


ANNOUNCER 1: Rockstar [INAUDIBLE] is going to have the points lead in the 450s and the 250 east here in a little bit.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, it's been a great ride. He has got such a unique style. But just-- I mean, right there, just how aggressive he was. He was not waiting for anyone. He was not waiting around to make passes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Doesn't have to make any more. Just a couple of corners. Here it is. Zach Osborne wins the season opener for the 250 East championship.

- And Zach Osborne seems like he has picked up exactly where he left off last year. Zach, how would you assess your night tonight on the bike?

- It was OK. I probably was not the fastest guy all day, but I just had some luck there in the main. And made it happen. I rode a decent race. I had a tip over there in the beginning, but my Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing Bike is 100% right now.

And I am so grateful to be on this team. I have to give it up to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is all his blessing. And I'm grateful. I have to say thank you to my trainer, Alan Baker, and my wife Brittany, Fly, Garnier, Oakley, Lululemon, Massimo.

I'm just happy to get this first one out of the way. It's been a really long wait. The last six weeks have felt like an eternity. And I am just happy to come away with a podium, let alone a win. So it's a really good night.