Doug Kalitta, Matt Hagan & Bo Butner take pro class wins at Pomona | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Watch Doug Kalitta, Matt Hagan & Bo Butner take home the top prize in the Pro Stock, Funny Car and Top Fuel finals at the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals.

- Well right now, this is going to be pretty much of an even match, in terms of performance. Be interesting to who gets off the line-- see who gets off the line first.

- As I mentioned, Ken Black wins the winter nationals for the 12th time. But which driver will be delivering the Wally.

- Slight advantage for Bo Butner. Now who's got the better tuneup? It's the champ! That is how you start a title defense. At 6.549, the second-best time slip of eliminations couldn't have come at a better time.

- Was this on your bucket list?

- Absolutely. To start the season off, this is-- it's unbelievable. Lord's blessed today, we-- the KB team, we're actually having motor issue right there. They had Band-Aided it up. They made the run, so. What a team. Chevrolet. Bad ass 2018 Camaro, buddy, I'm telling you. Jim Butner auto group, Summit Racing. We love all of y'all.

- Matt Hagan completes the feat, 3.823, 335.9 mile an hour. And he has gone back to back at the winter nationals. He joins Don Prudhomme as the only guy to do that from the number one qualifying position.

- Well Robert Hight, surgical on that starting line. It's not often you get a jump on Matt Hagan. But Robert Hight did exactly that. He was fired up. But by 60 feet, and by 300 feet, that Mopar car had nibbled up all of that lead. Dickie Venables threw everything at it, did exactly what he did in qualififying, and it paid off.

- Robert Hight did steal the mile per hour track record. But he did so in a losing effort to that man, Matt Hagan.

- You kicked off this season last year with the win here. How much more sweet is this, you get it over the reigning world champion in funny car.

- Dickie Venables is on his game today. He's been on his game since the word, go. My guys are working hard. I just cannot believe I have a team like that-- that I can put it-- crawl into a race car where I know that we can go all four rounds on Sunday. Thank you to Mello Yello, to Penzoil, to Mopar. For all the folks who support this deal. It takes everybody, but it especially takes our fans. And we love you. I know I'm not John Force, but hopefully I'm growing my fan base a little at a time.

- By the way, it was the quickest side-by-side race in funny car history.

- Really, I didn't hear the numbers, I just heard the guys hollering. And so I sa-- I kind of saw a win light, so I was kind of a fist pumping anyway. And then, you know, you never know until you get over here and they pull you to left or right, so it was awesome. Good deal.

- Tony was away first, but has problems. Give it to Doug Kalitta.

- And Tony Schumacher about 3 hundredths on the starting line, started to pull away. Take a look at Doug Kalitta. Look at on board at Tony Schumacher. You're going to see the engine expire, and as soon as it did, it still took a fraction of a second for Doug Kalitta to drive around him. But they were able to outlast the army car, landed themselves in the winner's circle.

- How does this win set the tone on those expectations for your team this season?

- It's good, yeah, you know having-- after the day we've had-- with parts, blowing up parts. And you know, Connie and, you know, everybody that supports us, Mac Tools. You know, we've-- we've used up a lot of stuff today. But it was great getting this Mello Yello ribbon and Wally Parks trophy. And you know, just real-- we spend the next week with the Mac Tools distributors. So we're a-- we-- so we-- we're just going to be celebrating this win and just real happy about.

- Is 2018 yours?

- You know, it's-- it's-- we're going to give it everything we got. And I'd like to say it is, so it is. Here we go, first one, we got the first one.