Justin Hill wins 250 main at San Diego | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Justin Hill passes Adam Cianciarulo, and wins the 250 main in San Diego

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes the gate drop.

Oh, Savatgy got a great start on the 17,

ANNOUNCER 2: And he turned--

ANNOUNCER 1: He's going to get the whole shot, he's got Hill coming right with him, on that number one. Dakota Alix on the inside. Here comes Cianciarulo--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, that's close.

ANNOUNCER 1: --Leaping through on the 92, he's trying to take over third, but he's going to fall back to fourth.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Alex goes to the--

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Cianciarulo now with a good run, inside a hill. And the Monster Energy pro-circuit Kawasaki riders are running one and two, early on.

ANNOUNCER 2: Cianciarulo is so fired up, he got to the inside of Alix there, in that 90 degree, made the triple, kind of from the middle of the turn, just really was hard on the throttle. And then picks off Hill in the very next turn.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a lot of confidence out of the 92, Adam Cianciarulo right now.

ANNOUNCER 2: Savatgy with his third whole shot of the year, going along with Phoenix and Houston.

ANNOUNCER 1: Question is, Ralph, is where is your points leader. Aaron Plessinger, timing and scoring has him back in 10.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not a good start for Aaron, here come Cianciarulo to the inside.

ANNOUNCER 1: Gonna do the same to his teammate that he put on Alix last lap around, Adam choosing a new line.

ANNOUNCER 2: And look at him, getting around Savatgy. And now Sexton goes after Savatgy for third, and McElrath with a good run, making up for a bad night in Oakland, finds himself battling for a spot of the top five.

ANNOUNCER 1: That would put Savatgy only three points down in the points if the race ended right now.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here comes Hill, look at him making a run, Hill comes after him. We've got a new leader in San Diego.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, where Plessinger and Savatgy are points raised, and it's only about to-- wait, look at this, wide open, inside turn--

ANNOUNCER 2: Adam, inside, Hill on the breaks and counters.

ANNOUNCER 1: Clock goes to zero, so we've got one lap to go for Hill, who's looking for his first win of the year.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow, and he just-- it went to zeroes, just when he was in the finish line turn. What a ride. Already stretched about four seconds over Cianciarulo. It's gonna be a great victory here for auto trader Suzuki. Everybody at Gibbs raised a big one-hander there, for Hill.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hill's last year wins at Anaheim 2, Phoenix, Oakland, and Dallas. They came in consecutive weeks. He's going to get a break now, but he could be getting on a roll.

ANNOUNCER 2: Fastest qualifier today, and then has just kept it going the whole time.

ANNOUNCER 1: One is he race, tremendous momentum, here he comes. Justin Hill lights the candles in San Diego with the big win, his first of 2018.

- Justin, when you won your heat race earlier you said, I'm ready to win a main event though, now you've done it, how hard fought was it, though?

- It was tough, I'm not going to lie, but this track lent itself to me because it was technical. I had to chase Adam and just kind of follow his pace, and figure out where I was going to make it happen, really. And I executed it beautifully, and just tried to be smooth, and ride the race that I had to race to win. And I'm just beyond psyched, because this Joe Gibbs Racing, Factory Suzuki Yoshimura Autotrader team has just been so good.

And to put the bike on top step, and kind of shut up all the haters in a way, you know, just because everybody just talking about, you know, because I made a change, and I haven't done it yet. But I feel really good about it. I feel back to my true form, and I feel like I'm as comfortable as I could possibly be. And I'm in San Diego, I love it down here, and we're just down the road from Pendleton, so hopefully we had some military personnel in the stands, that's all I hope for.