Michael Self wins season opener at Daytona I 2018 ARCA RACING SERIES

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After fighting through two major wrecks, Michael Self holds off the field in a one-lap shootout to win the 2018 ARCA Lucas Oil 200.

- Pace car is off one more time to decide the season opener from Daytona in ARCA. And it's a great jump for Michael Self back to the front.

- Let's see if Tom can clear Willie Mullins now. Here comes Natalie Decker. She's pulling up on the back bumper of Willie Mullins. Outside line has a little bit of energy now. There's Tullman in the 7, 8. He's now trying to decide whether he's going inside or outside.

- And we know Max Tullman is fast. He was fast early.

- 25 is going to line up behind Hessert here. And Self is all by himself. He has no help going down the back stretch. Half a lap to go. Does Michael Self have a big enough cushion? Mullins and Hessert for second, with Decker trying to push Hessert to see if they can catch Michael Self as they head to turn number four.

Michael Self has a cushion, headed down through the tri-oval. Michael Self is going to win at Daytona. Win number two. And it's at the biggest stock car race in the ARCA series.

- Look at the excitement down on pit road.

- Kevin Reed, a winner again at Daytona.

- What a way to start the season. Here he is, Michael Self, the winner at Daytona.


- It seemed like an eternity during that red flag, but look at that emotion? Michael, how did you do it?

- What?

- How did you do it?

- Survived, man, just survived. Got lucky. Made it through a couple of wrecks. Just took this number 15 Sinclair Oil Toyota to-- just overcame a lot. This thing is rough, this thing has been beat up. But Kevin, Billy, these guys, Mike Herman Jr. just guided me. They just told me every single thing that I needed to do.

I mean they drove this car from the outside. I made mistakes. They helped me overcome them, and now we're here. Thanks to everyone. Big Bill Venturini.

- We got to say, thank you, Michael. Here comes the kiss from Papa Bill. Congratulations, Michael Self, a winner here at Daytona to start the season.