Watch Jason Anderson cap an epic 450 main in Oakland with a last-lap battle against Ken Roczen

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Jason Anderson and Ken Roczen put on a battle for the ages in Oakland as the pair traded the lead multiple times within the closing laps.

ANNOUNCER 1: Get ready to drop the gate on the battle by the bay.

Seely on the inside. He's going to get that whole shot. Roczen is right in there. Baggett with a great shot. And oh, I thought Roczen was going off the side of the bike. He hangs on to third, but Baggett is charging hard on that number four.

Here's your race leader, Seely, who hasn't won since Houston in 2015 35 starts ago, leads Ken Roczen. And down is Tomac. Tomac, who has won the last two, finds himself dropping on the--

ANNOUNCER 2: Uh-oh, something's wrong also.

ANNOUNCER 1: What happened to him here?

ANNOUNCER 2: Justin Barcia to the inside, slides up into him. Remember I talked about this big bull turn before the finish line.

ANNOUNCER 1: You need that bike. Oh, down goes Musquin. Baggett gets past. Oh, and Seely's got a problem, the race leader. That's going to put Roczen at the front. Could this be the night that Ken Roczen gets the win and the big comeback story.

ANNOUNCER 2: The rider makes--

ANNOUNCER 1: Roczen finds himself at the front of the field here tonight. Let's go back and take a look at this, Jeff.

ANNOUNCER 2: Rhythm section, dragons back on off. Gets a little cross-threaded. Right here at the bike tweaking, so and he overjumped that a little bit. Just jumped too far.

He could win here tonight, check another box. They got to roll through this section here. There's a rider down. That's Bowers. The Alpine Star medical team there to assist Tyler. And then if Roczen can check that box off with a victory here tonight, Jeff, as we're inside a minute and a lap to go, he will find himself second in the points behind Anderson. And maybe he could even be a title contender. What a story.

Well, the rhythm section claims another-- Oh, boy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, man. Hang on, Tyler. Wow, what a ride.

ANNOUNCER 2: Unreal.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the battle is on for the lead, and Anderson is by. Can Roczen fight back?

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, look at that kicker Anderson just hit in there. Oh, Anderson gets a little crazy.

ANNOUNCER 1: He sure did. And Ken's going to scramble back. Who's got it? Who is going to get the lead? Roczen takes him on in the [INAUDIBLE] in Oakland.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, they are so close.

ANNOUNCER 1: Anderson cuts inside. Oh, the crowd loving it here tonight in northern California as these top title contenders are putting on a whale of a battle.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, this is when you hold the throttle wide open. Anderson passed Roczen in the woofs. Can he do it again for the win?

ANNOUNCER 1: Giving it their absolute all on the complete edge of disaster, as Anderson let's it all hang out. Whoa, he's off the pegs. Roczen moves up a little bit. Oh, he makes a bobble. Here comes Anderson. Anderson starts to pull away.

What can the young German rider do? How much does he have left in the tank? K Rock and El Hombre fighting it out here in Oakland. Anderson coming to the checkered flag. He did it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow. What a--

ANNOUNCER 1: What a battle that was.

ANNOUNCER 2: Roczen almost had it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jason Anderson, el Hombre. Lights the candles by the bay with one of the most spectacular victories of the year and of his career. He's got the eyes of the champion going tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch this final battle between Roczen on the 94 and Anderson. They both make mistakes. It's just who made the last one. And unfortunately for Ken, it was him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, a big mistake by Ken is what allowed Anderson to make that second or so. This one cost him big time too. And as they're trying to pick their way through the rhythm sections, it was just so difficult.

JASON ANDERSON: Yeah, this was a big night for me. My day didn't start off too well. The track was insane. And me and Kenny freaking battled to the end. And that's one of the best races of my life. And you know, I just want to keep it going. And everyone's getting good. Man, I'm excited to be up here and can't thank the Rock Star Energy Husqvarna team enough for giving me opportunities like this.

INTERVIEWER: And how do you take this one and build after your performance?

KEN ROCZEN: I'm really, really mad. I mean, we ride this whole-- Cole was going good. He went down. And we rode this hard race at this track. You know, it's super sketchy. And I just-- we do it the whole way, and then get a good battle with Jason, obviously.

And then, of course, I screw it up in that rhythm section there. I mean, that is what really bums me out. The riding was good. Everything was great. Second place. We're making steps forward. But I feel like that was my win for the taking. But he took it, and we had some sketchy moments out there. But we were riding hard, and all we want to do is win. So it was all clean out there. And, yeah, it was a tough main.