Fernando Alonso talks with Jeff Gordon about his first start in the Rolex 24 at Daytona

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WeatherTech SportsCar Championship: 2-time Formula 1 World champion Fernando Alonso sits down to talk with 4-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon about making his first start in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

JEFF GORDON: Welcome, good to see you.


JEFF GORDON: Thank you.

FERNANDO ALONSO: Good to see you.

JEFF GORDON: Welcome to the US and to Daytona.

FERNANDO ALONSO: Yeah. Thank you very much. You know, I'm looking forward to the race. New adventure, so hopefully it goes well.

JEFF GORDON: Well, I know a lot of people are excited to have you here. How's it going? What's the experience been like? What do you think of this place?

FERNANDO ALONSO: First of all, the place is huge. You know, when you arrive here, you see the grandstand. You see the infill. You see the people with their RVs and with everyone preparing their 24. It's something special.

JEFF GORDON: I drove an F1 car many, many years ago. But coming from a stock car into these cars, it's drastically different. So I'm curious, what's the comparison with the F1 car of today?

FERNANDO ALONSO: It's very different. Very different. And I think in the one now with the technology we have, the hybrid engine, it makes everything a little bit complex and a little bit difficult. I think this is more pure racing. You go, you put fuel ties, and you switch on the car for 24 hours. And we don't have that reliability in F1. The traffic management with the GTs, driving up night-- you know, there are many, many new things that I'm discovering here and I'm enjoying.

JEFF GORDON: For somebody that is not retired as a driver and followed your career, I mean, I love the fact that you're a Formula One Champion trying other disciplines and enjoying yourself. That's fun to see. You know, to me, it's all about the passion of driving. And it's clear that you have a [INAUDIBLE] passion.

FERNANDO ALONSO: I have the passion. I love racing, so I love to be here. I love to be behind the wheel [INAUDIBLE].

JEFF GORDON: Good luck in the 24.

FERNANDO ALONSO: Thank you. Thank you, man.