Felix Rosenqvist takes the win at the Marrakech ePrix | 2018 ABB FORMULA E CHAMPIONSHIP

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Felix Rosenqvist had a good day in Marrakech as he won his second straight race and took over the point standings.

ANNOUNCER: Buemi on pole. Bird alongside him. All five lights are on.

And we go green in Marrakesh. It's a good start from Rosenqvist. He cuts towards the inside. Good stuff from Di Grassi as well as he looks to the outside in his Audi. There's a few lockups here and there.

Buemi holds the lead, Bird in second, Rosenqvist third, Lopez still in fourth, fifth for Di Grassi. They're all very well-behaved through that first corner. All very, very even starts there, Dario.

DARIO: Remarkably well-behaved. See Mitch Evans trying to make an overtaking maneuver. Felix Rosenqvist in third. There's a gap already opened up to Lopez and the Dragon.

ANNOUNCER: Almost three wide.

DARIO: See those tires smoking as-- that's just brake lock ups with cold brake temperatures. You're going to see more of that into turn seven here. And we're four wide into turn four.


ANNOUNCER: How is that going to work out? Daniel Abt and Nelson Piquet are going side-by-side and just about-- they all survive at Mortara running off. And this is where they leave the permanent circuit and join actual Marrakesh streets as they head down towards the medina, then turn. Hard left at corner seven.

Lockup from Jean-Eric Vergne. He goes around the outside of Antonio Felix da Costa. That's a masterful move from the Parisian, and that moves him up into 10th position, I think. But it's Buemi who's leading. He's not getting away.

Bird is looking super, super racey up at the front. He is the championship leader, remember-- and off goes Alex Lynn. He's been hit.

DARIO: Contact.

ANNOUNCER: Daniel Abt, I think it was, who was trying to climb up the order, and Lynn has been sent spinning from sixth place. He drops right to the back, and Alex Tai, the team principal, stony-faced.

Meanwhile, is that Rosenqvist into second? It is. Buemi leads, Felix Rosenqvist is up into second place, past Sam Bird.

Here's a look at what he did, and this is coming down to turn one. He's quite a way back. Old Felix moves up.

DARIO: [INAUDIBLE] a little problem for Sam Bird.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, yeah. Must have been a-- yeah. Full course yellow.


ANNOUNCER: Full course yellow.

RACE CONTROL: --three, two, one-- full course yellow. Full course yellow.

ANNOUNCER: Now that is interesting.

RACE CONTROL: This is to retrieve the 18 car at turn 10.

ANNOUNCER: And that's retrieving-- now how is this going to play out for da Costa, Evans, and Abt? Let me work this out.


ANNOUNCER: It's going to be bad for them.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, not good for those guys.

ANNOUNCER: Because everyone else-- well, that's an interesting decision from race control, you have to say. This is what happened to Lotterer.

DARIO: He's got-- something-- he locks up, it looks like, and it just won't go.

COMMENTATOR: Here's Rosenqvist.

ANNOUNCER: And Mitch Evans. We're on board with the second place man, Felix Rosenqvist. Very close to the back of Buemi. Looks to the inside line, and Rosenqvist leads. What a great move from the Mahindra driver.

The team are ecstatic. Dilbagh Gill punches the air, and the Swede leads in Marrakesh. I was-- I was never quite sure if he was going for it.

DARIO: Yeah, just textbook overtaking maneuver. I mean, there's nothing else to say.

ANNOUNCER: And he won the last race.

COMMENTATOR: Eventually.

ANNOUNCER: Eventually.


ANNOUNCER: In Hong Kong.

COMMENTATOR: Waved yellow flag in turn 10.

ANNOUNCER: And this is going to put Felix Rosenqvist to the top of the championship.

DARIO: A mighty performance.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah. Buemi's with him, but he's not going to be close enough now. Rosenqvist, the Swedish driver, started third on the grid. Almost crashed in the qualifying, kept it together, took the lead, and now takes the lead of the championship with victory in Marrakesh.


- Yeah, what a day. I mean, having one of the most difficult practices of my Formula E career to almost driving pole, and then having a battery change before the race just half an hour before. The guys put it together, I jumped in, the car was perfect, and that's just unreal. What a-- what a race.

Leading the championship now is fantastic. It's only three races into the year, but-- yeah. What a fantastic thing.

I was saving my energy behind Sam and Seb. I thought it was sort of wasting a bit, because they were attacking and defending each other, and that's I think where I made my advantage. I sort of stayed a bit low in the back, and then in the second stint I saw a gap and I went for it, and yeah-- car was just unreal.