Jason Anderson passes Ken Roczen to win Houston 450 main | 2018 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS

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Jason Anderson makes a late pass on Ken Roczen to win the 450 main in Houston and take over the points lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: Round Two, ready to go. Bopping and banging, Cooper Webb is off the track.

ANNOUNCER 2: Looks like Martin was off too.

ANNOUNCER 1: Who's going to get the lead at the front? Is that Barcia out front? It is but not for long. There goes Roczen by on the 94. And Weston Peick with a great start on the 34. He's fighting up at the front of this field as well as is Anderson on the white Husqvarna number 21. So it's Barcia, Roczen, Peick, and Anderson. Bagan rides along on the number four. And Seely moves himself in to fifth.

This track can reach up, bite you, and pull you down to the ground hard.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, Barcia misses a triple.

ANNOUNCER 1: Anderson, there's a mistake by Barcia. And Anderson leaps into second place.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, that's going to rejuvenate the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider, Anderson, now he can just set his sights on the leader, Ken Roczen. And Barcia trying to hang on to another podium. And he's got a lot of company here by Cole Seely who's having a great ride tonight just hanging back there in fourth, clicking off the laps.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the fight for the final podium spot.

ANNOUNCER 2: Seely drawing a little bit different line there. Barcia getting a little sideways. They really like that left side through here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, Seely comes right up alongside.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wasn't quite close enough, but, oh, look what happens.

ANNOUNCER 1: Changes up the rhythm, doesn't it? And Barcia takes him high. Seely cuts back down. And Bam Bam brushes up against the tough blocks. And suddenly he's off the podium.

ANNOUNCER 2: He said my right arm got so tight. Because his left arm, of course, is a little bit weaker. It's not 100%. So he has to use a lot of strength from his right arm. And I bet that that right arm is getting tight right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: You saw Oscar Wirdeman trying to encourage his rider Roczen. Here comes Anderson. And Anderson flies the Husqvarna into the lead here in Houston. Jason Anderson's last win was the season finale last year in Las Vegas. He's going for career victory number four here tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here's Anderson. Who Jeff told me earlier today, you know, I'm really starting to feel like a seasoned veteran going into what? His fourth season in the 450 category. So I just don't panic over things the way I used to. I feel comfortable in my environment and where I am in my program. And that's why I feel like I'm ready to win this championship.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, he's been great here tonight. He was patient. He was strong, just clicking off his laps like he does so well. You got to wonder, you know what could have been with Tomac and Musquin. But right now Anderson has been able in these first two races to be the best out there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Won the season finale last year in Las Vegas. That was his last victory. Here he comes now. His first win of 2018 comes in Houston as Jason Anderson takes the victory on the Rockstar Husqvarna and the points lead with it.

- Second round points lead you know it's amazing. And that race was tough for me. But at the same time, I felt good all day. And just excited to come out with the win. You know I feel good. I'm riding good. You know I'm thankful that you know I have these opportunities to keep achieving my goals. And, heck, you know I just really want to keep staying up here and keep battling for this championship, and that's what I worked for all year.

So we're going to keep doing it. And you know you got Kenny hot on my tail, sucks Marvin fell. But Barcia, Seely, they're all riding good. So I'm just excited to put this Rockstar [INAUDIBLE] racing Husqvarna in the points' chase. And, hopefully, we can bring it down to Vegas.