Andrew Hines Wins Pro Stock Motorcycle Final as Krawiec wins championship | 2017 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Andrew Hines beats Eddie Krawiec in the Pro Stock Motorcycle final at the Auto Club NHRA Finals in Pomona, but Krawiec had already clinched the title in qualifying.

ANNOUNCER: This is Eddie Krawiec, that has won every race but one in the countdown, and can clinch and wrap everything up with one more 1,320-foot pass. Oh, yeah. Eddie Krawiec, by the way, will be the number one qualifier for this race, heading into Sunday. Back to back to back number ones, but it's all of those countdown wins that have given him enough points to complete his fourth championship in just one 1/4 mile pass.


And with that pass a moment ago, it becomes official. Easily the most successful racer in NHRA history, Steady Eddie has done it once again, when it matters the most. On the strength of those four wins in the first five countdown races and dominating qualifying once again, that is how Eddie Krawiec becomes the now four-time NHRA Mello Yello Pro Stock World Champion as we send it down to the top.

And the white hat's in place and now the walk to the stage. Don't go anywhere, Andrew! You got to give him some love. You helped teach him the way. Let's go down to Amanda.

- As Eddie Krawiec hops onto the stage as the Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion, the first words for our champion come from the president of the NHRA, Peter Clifford.

- Eddie, on behalf of everyone at the NHRA, congratulations on winning your fourth NHRA Mello Yello drag-racing championship in pro stock motorcycle. We're thrilled for you and your team.

- Thank you, appreciate it.

- And then, Eddie, I'm going to have you turn to Al Rondon, the senior marketing manager for the Coca-Cola company for your championship jacket. And we also have the championship medallion going around the champion's neck.

- My honor to give you this.



- Thank you, Al. Whoo!

- And, Eddie, even with points and a half here in Pomona, with sheer domination in the countdown, you are getting this championship trophy and qualifying. What do you attribute this domination to?

- Well, I'm looking like Flavor Flav up here with my big medallion, but-- man, I'll tell you. I attribute this to teamwork. I got a lot of great guys that stand behind me for my motorcycle and make it go up and down that drag strip as fast as it does. And, you know, everybody at Harley Davidson for their support. And Vance & Hines and NHRA for giving us a great place to race.

And I couldn't do it without my team. I got Matt Hines over there, smiling away. I got my other tuner, Andrew Hines smiling away, looking at time slips. And Ray Viers, Scott Skierman, Mike Mullaney.

If you ask a couple other people, to me, what makes it really special. It's the fact that I've got my family, my father-- I'm getting choked up-- but, my wife and my little girl, Kayden, at home. But this is something special. It's definitely awesome to get here and get this done with in qualifying, because usually I'm grumpy as hell on Saturday nights and my wife doesn't like it. But now I can smile and definitely be excited about this one. So, it just goes out to my whole team.

AMANDA BUSICK: Well, Eddie, there is one more thing that makes it official. I'll have you step up on the platform. And your 2017 Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion, Eddie Krawiec.

ANNOUNCER: That's Matt Hines, Andrew's brother, the man that tunes both the bikes. A Pro Stock champion in his own right. One of the best riders ever in class history. Waiting to see which side produces the winner.


005, Eddie Krawiec! But it's Andrew Hines at the finish line by four hundredths of a second, as the speed down a little bit. Andrew Hines does get that win for a 14th consecutive season.