Greg Anderson Wins Pro Stock Final at Las Vegas| 2017 NHRA DRAG RACING

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Greg Anderson beats Bo Butner in the Pro Stock final at the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas

ANNOUNCER: Right now, the key for Bo is don't give up too much on the starting line against Greg. He's a pretty cagey veteran.

ANNOUNCER: They say [INAUDIBLE] got to go with Bo on this one [INAUDIBLE]--


ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] each one of them. But Bo is out of steam. Greg Anderson has won for the fourth time this season-- the 90th of his Pro Stock career. And with that, he will open up a 15 point lead heading to the last race of the year, 40 points. I've already had the points in a half in. It's 40 points in to the final.

ANNOUNCER: Good run for Greg Anderson. You know, he goes out there, goes 6:69 [INAUDIBLE]. Picks up 2/100 of what he made just about an hour ago against Jason Line. You look at the car wheels up right there. No rattle on the tire. It stays right down the group, and Greg, like he usually does, hits all the Shift points, shoots out, picking up that 90th [INAUDIBLE].