Marvin Musquin wins all 3 main events and the $1 million bonus I MONSTER ENERGY CUP

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MEC Highlights: Marvin Musquin wins all three main events and $1 million, becoming just the second rider in history to do so.

ANNOUNCER 1: Will we see history made? And another million dollar man here at the Monster Energy Cup.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big start by Musquin on top.

ANNOUNCER 1: Let's see how they come together. Musquin looks like he's ripping through the rhythm lane. Anderson's looking pretty solid too, but it's got to be Musquin getting the holeshot Anderson sits in second. Can he reel him in? Up into to the grandstands they go. Then charging down into the sand.

ANNOUNCER 2: You've got your fastest qualifier, Dean Wilson with the third. That's his best start so far he's got some speed. But can they do anything to catch the number 25 on that Red Bull KTM of Marvin Musquin? It's almost like the only chance that the riders have, is if Musquin makes a mistake. So right now they're taking the Joker lane for the first time. Our lib pro data tells us that the Joker lane is on the average 5.5 seconds faster, . It allows you to exit the stadium at a 15% higher speed. 61 miles per hour versus 53 MPH so thank you lib pro for that data that they've collected and given us for the show here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Musquin getting ready to come back through Monster Alley, Anderson sticking right with him.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here's the white flag. One lap to go. Focus. He certainly has been focused here tonight, and his mechanic there Frankie Latham been with him a long time his whole stint here with Red Bull KTM.

ANNOUNCER 1: In the past, here at the Monster Energy Cup, Marvin Musquin was 11th in 2011, 5th in 2013, 3rd in 2016. Tonight, he is on his way to winning it and taking home $1 million. Final time back into the stadium. Through this tricky rhythm lane no mistakes now. A quick look to the crowd. Marvin Musquin can't believe it. One more corner, he's going to do it. Only the second man in history to sweep all three, Marvin Musquin a million dollars at the Monster Energy cup.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's thinking about it now. Yes the money, $1 million.

- Congratulations Marvin. This is such an exciting night, not since 2011 our first ever Monster Energy Cup Ryan Villopoto run away with the million dollars. So congratulations to you, we couldn't be more thrilled to present to you tonight, this million check. Great racing.

- I mean anything can happen in that very last moto I just got the holeshot, I mean nobody was right next to me. So that was the perfect way to go out on that third moto. And I just were imagining in my head, not getting a good start and being top three or something, with guys in front of me. I'd be like freaking out like, I need a win. So then I got the holeshot and leading was the best way. I just wanted to be consistent and I know the guys behind were pushing super hard. And they didn't want me to win that third moto, but I did and that's awesome. Thanks to the team, and the money is one thing but winning three motos like this it's another thing. It's racing and I'm really happy to win and plus getting one million like that, I can't believe it, and thanks to the fans. I mean they were unbelievable and that race is super exciting. I know when it doesn't go good, it can be tough, but today is the perfect day for me so it's awesome.