Marvin Musquin wins first main event as Tomac goes down I MONSTER ENERGY CUP

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MEC Highlights: Marvin Musquin wins the first of the nights three main events after the favorite Eli Tomac takes a hard fall.

- All right, here we go. Gotta win all three. Ready for the gate drop.

Working their way into the rhythm lanes.

- Tomac goes--

- Make these turns and they'll make their way back to each other. Here they come. The packs come together. Tomac with not as good of a start this time.

- No, Tomac's out front.

- Oh, hey that's right at the front. Yeah, Tomac at the front, Musquin behind him, there's Anderson,

- Gajser--

- And here comes Gajser, right after that.

- Well, and what Tomac did that was so fast-- oh is Musquin gonna go for the lead again in the same spot?

- Now let's see what they decide to do with the Joker lane. Anderson didn't take it early. Oh and Tomac comes back hard up along the inside of Musquin. But the French rider stops it. But not that time.

- I just don't understand why Musquin's leaving the door open like that in two straight bull turns.

- That's not going to be the way to get to a million bucks tonight I can tell you.

- Now watch what Musquin likes to do also. Well, he didn't do it this time, but--

- What he likes to do is take the lead. And that's when he just did right there.

- Yeah. Nice move.

- And expect them to be battling when we come back here the first Saturday in May to settle-- oh Tomac is off the bike. He got completely sideways and it just threw him off. And away go his chances at a million dollars here tonight.

- So he gets wide right here. He's hard on the throttle. Oh and he spins out. And I kind of have that feeling that he thought that it was going to catch a little bit and rebound him. But watch the back tire just spins out. Just swaps out and goes down. And Anderson almost tags him there also. Wow. Big mistake by your reigning champion.

- 'Cause everyone's just going for it it's like a ten lap-- oh--

- Oh man. Huge crash in the rhythm section.

- A motocross rider riding Supercross for the first time gets his timing wrong, and just goes flying off the bike right there.

- Well, sadly for Gajser one thing he learned here tonight is how unforgiving Supercross can be.

- Musquin is now on his final lap.

- Put some yellow flags out through that rhythm section once again. Somebody-- looks like the track's cleared. But Musquin, hey, he got passed but he came back and made it happen. Puts himself in the running for a million dollar prize tonight.

- We talked about the importance of one winning the Monster Energy Cup can do. He wins the first one here tonight, puts himself in position to take the million dollars.