No. 14 Lexus catches fire after massive crash at Petit Le Mans 2017

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Robert Alon is shaken up after his No. 14 Lexus plows into the tire barrier and goes up in flames.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big incidents-- one of the Lexus cars, the number 14 we're getting told.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's on 12.

ANNOUNCER 1: That is Robert Alon, exit at 12. Kyle, we were just talking about the speeds down there.

ANNOUNCER 2: That is a big one, Greg.

ANNOUNCER 1: It sure is.

ANNOUNCER 2: That is a big one. He looks OK. He's getting out. It's such a hairy part of the racetrack. If someone sticks it down the inside-- he's trying to get out in a hurry. You can see the flames lick him there in front of the car. Yeah, he's limping. Oh boy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ginger, I'm sure. Any impact down there, that is going to, at the very least, rattle you just a little bit. Great response here from the Road Atlanta--

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, that's not [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] fire crews.


I think he's OK. He gave a little thumbs up there, but that is a massive impact. That's one of those areas like [INAUDIBLE] off is that there's just no runoff there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. Good point. And the only thing-- the difference here is speed.

ANNOUNCER 2: You just have to wonder whether some faster traffic just wiped it down the inside. And you get to a point of no return, Greg. If you're on the outside there, you've got nowhere to go, and we've seen people just slide off the racetrack. And if it happens early enough in the corner, this is going to be the consequence.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well earlier, I mean during that restart, we saw a car that took our breath away when another car came down underneath it. [INAUDIBLE] and see what happened. This is from the wall shot.

Yeah, there's two cars. Oh, wow.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow, did he get deflected off or did something break? It was odd, it just suddenly went off [INAUDIBLE].

That was sudden, wasn't it?

ANNOUNCER 1: It sure was.

ANNOUNCER 2: It wasn't just like he under-steered wide. It just suddenly just sped off the racetrack. There's a car very close to him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now this will tell us, here. Watch here now.

ANNOUNCER 2: No, something broke.

ANNOUNCER 1: Something. Yeah. Absolutely.

ANNOUNCER 2: Something broke on that car.

ANNOUNCER 1: It just never turned, did it?


ANNOUNCER 1: All right, now that's-- here's that first shot. Now this is how it happened at speed.


Ugh. A lot of energy dissipated [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: That's probably at least 125 miles an hour going in there on a GTD machine.