LE Tonglet Wins Pro Stock Motorcycle Final at St. Louis | 2017 NHRA DRAG RACING

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LE Tonglet beats Andrew Hines in the Pro Stock Motorcycle final at the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals in St. Louis.

- There's the defending champ, Jerry Savoie, waiting to see if LE Tonglet can win for the sixth time this year. While Andrew Hines, he scores his first one in just a few moments. It's the Pro Stock Motorcycle Final, the AAA Midwest Nationals.

LE Tonglet, slight advantage. But it's an advantage that is going to grow. LE Tonglet takes the win via a baby holeshot. Actually running 1/2000 of a second slower on the race track. But thanks to 8/1000 of a second advantage at the starting line, it's a 6,000 win for LE Tonglet who has his sixth win.

You hear the celebration on the starting line? Get you some of that! LE Tonglet did get some of that!

- LE Tonglet must of woke up this morning knowing he had to make it to the final round. And, well, here he is. Not just in the final, but he's in victory lane. And you can see, [INAUDIBLE], fighting the bike a little bit. But you know, what a job for LE Tonglet on the starting line. Of course, with some help from the tuner, the resources from Jerry Savoie. This is a big win for LE.

- Mello Yello go on yellow holeshot for LE Tonglet. You see the margin of victory as the Tonglet family now has a love affair here at Gateway.