No. 90 Prototype steals the lead late to take overall win | Monterey 2017

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WeatherTech SportsCar Championship: The No. 90 Prototype piloted by Renger Van Der Zande takes the overall win at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

ANNOUNCER 1: Up ahead is Dane Cameron. Cameron gets squeezed. He has to give it up, sandwiched there. I think it was the Audi. Wow, what great racing here for the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is a mano-a-mano battle royale, spectacular stuff by two incredibly talented drivers.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, they're side-by-side.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here it is, corkscrew!

ANNOUNCER 1: Renger is in there, forces the issue into the corkscrew. Can Cameron respond? Gotta to try and keep it close? Can he make an attack down into the last corner, turn 11? Renger rolling speed. That Ligier is hooked up.

Now, here it comes. He gets the run. Just slides it beautifully to the inside. Wow, just came from nowhere there, just laid on the brakes and had the grip to make it stick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dane didn't make it easy. But he did turn him into those tight [INAUDIBLE] right there. Oh, boy.

With Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, so many people in the IMSA paddock heavily affected. The white flag comes out. The Visit Florida team, based, obviously, in Florida, had huge amounts of flooding in their shop. What an amazing turn around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, look at this. He's getting poked a little bit. He's losing a bit of time. He clears him. Whew, that would have the pit boss sweating a little bit watching that one. Wasn't sure if the turner car was just going to wash out and use all of the line and take it away from Ringer. This boy is fast.


ANNOUNCER 1: So much success with the Starworks team led by Peter Baron in the PC category.

ANNOUNCER 2: He has a win here in the PC category. He loves this track. We started calling him The Ringer for a lot of reasons. One, he rings everything out of a car. When he gets behind the wheel, he's a ringer.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow. He's just fine in the traffic. Just right now, he's clearing it. He's got that rhythm that you want. Oh, the [INAUDIBLE] he put on the brakes. That was close. Whew.

ANNOUNCER 2: Down the hill, through Rainey Curve, very tricky corner. Drivers say three different apex change, or camber changes as you work your way down. Turn 10, here we go, Cal. One car in front of him. But he's got plenty of room. Turning in.

This is a huge story onto the front straight. And it is Visit Florida Racing! And the P2 category Ligier bringing home the win. What a remarkable story. Marc Goossens, Rengar van der Zande, and the incredible team doing a stunning job to 31 into second.

Here's the battle for the lead and the win in GT Le Mans. John Edwards, saving fuel in the BMW. Toni Vilander, Vilander


--in the Ferrari, dives to the inside. Drag race! Edwards, BMW in at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Unbelievable finish. 60 years later, Ferrari wins again at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Andy Lally in the Acura, second. Jorg Bergmeister third in the Porsche.

An exceptionally entertaining and exciting race has come to its conclusion at the Continental Tire Monterey Grad Prix. Renger van der Zande, the Flying Dutchman, literally lived up to the name in those last few laps, up on top of the car, celebrating. Well-earned indeed for the Visit Florida team.

Let's get down. Amongst the confetti and the celebrations is Jamie Howe.

JAMIE HOWE: He meets up now with his co-driver, Marc Goossens. Big celebrations, big hug. Renger, quickly, your team, they've been through a hurricane. You guys switched cars to get the win today. How important was this for this organization?

- I mean, we've been through a lot. I think right now, it's just pure adrenaline. And it's so cool. And I love this place. I love the cork-- I'm going to get a tattoo of the corkscrew, I think. I just love it. And Marc did a good job. We did a good job all year. But we couldn't really make it because we didn't have the speed. Now they got us a car, and we win it. So I'm really happy.