True fan: Rabbit tears up the track during rally car race in Spain

A rabbit/hare runs after a racing car during a Spanish rally event in 2013.

Who says animals can’t be race fans too?

Our friends at have uncovered this video of a critter who was too eager to just sit on the sidelines.

Because sometimes it’s not enough just watching, a Spanish rally had a surprise entry during a recent event … a rabbit.

This rally-fan bunny (or is it a hare?) clearly thought he was Sebastien Loeb when he came flying round the turn to the cheers of the crowd.


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What amazes us is not just how fast the rabbit was going, but also how well he paid attention to the racing line through a corners (shows up a few professional racecar drivers actually, but we shall restrain ourselves from naming a few).

However, this isn’t the first time an animal has joined in the racing festivities.

Many of us are still surprised (and thankful) that this kangaroo made it through the turn during the 2007 Bathurst 1000 in New South Wales, Australia:


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