Watch as biker crashes into car and sticks the landing on its roof

A video of a biker in what, according to, is a highway just outside of Koroleva, Russia, has gone viral as the biker runs into the rear of a car in front, somersaults through the air and lands – on his feet – on the car’s roof.

The accident begins as the car in front switches lanes at the same time as the motocyclist, who runs straight into the back of him. The bike ends up being ran over by the driver whose dashboard cam was filming the whole incident (in Russia, dashcams are often used to combat police corruption and insurance fraud), yet the rider emerges seemingly okay after landing on top of the car that he hit. The fact that the driver in front hit the brakes after the collision likely aided in the rider’s landing.

The debate rages on as to whether this video is fake or not, yet it certainly is intriguing to watch.