Top 10 ‘Top Gear’ celebrity guests, according to WatchMojo

Rowan Atkinson is one of many celebrities who has made an appearance on Great Britain's
WPPROD – a popular YouTube channel which publishes a variety of top 10 lists – recently uploaded a video counting down the top 10 celebrity guests on the popular British TV show, “Top Gear.”

Together, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May helped to make the show so popular that it reached the households of those who you would not really consider your typical “car guy.”

Even celebrities such as Michael Gambon, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have all made appearances on the show, with many of them putting up pretty impressive times on the board.

But which celebrities (not including F1 drivers) made the biggest impact?

Spoiler Alert: We’ve listed the full rankings below the embedded video.

10. Jimmy Carr
9. Michael Gambon
8. Aaron Paul
7. Tom Cruise
6. Ellen MacArthur
5. Brian Johnson
4. Simon Cowell
3. Michael Fassbender
2. Rowan Atkinson
1. Matt LeBlanc