Watch catchfence stop Stadium Super Truck from flying into pit area

There’s a reason catchfences exist, and there’s a reason that they’re tall.

Need proof? Look no further than Stadium Super Truck driver Pat O’Keefe – who had this scary crash at Long Beach, California, last weekend.

O’Keefe botches the landing after his first jump, and so slides over the second jump at an awkward angle, sending his truck heading toward the pits. Fortunately, our good friend the catchfence comes in to save the day, although it does mean that O’Keefe’s teammate Tyler McQuarrie has to slam on the brakes to avoid running into him.

According to Jalopnik, this crash ended the race, handing the win to Sheldon Creed. Kudos to Jalopnik for finding this additional angle of the incident, shot from the grandstands:

Scary stuff. Fortunately, everyone was OK.