Nice save! Miata driver escapes disaster after avoiding spinning BMW

By my count, this near wreck goes on for about eight seconds.

It all took place at the Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia last weekend, where the track surface was soaked due to the heavy rains from Hurricane Joaquin.

The incident takes place on Lap 3 of the final race as Ana Broyle’s BMW E30 spins out of the exit of Turn 9.

Zac Moseley, who provides his narration of the incident at, was following Broyle in a Mazda Miata when he saw that things were going wrong. The BMW fishtails a couple of times until it eventually turns right across the circuit. Moseley lifts off the gas and heads into the grass at 80 mph, where his car begins to point back across to the left. The car falls to about 60 mph as he gives the steering wheel full lock to the right, at which point it merges back onto the tarmac and regains grip, allowing Moseley to continue on his way back towards the finish line, where he found himself one position and 1.5 seconds up on where he had been the previous lap.

Video by Classic Car Club Manhattan