This onboard video will make you dizzy

Photo: Bozell Racing/YouTube

What would it look like if you put a GoPro on a playground roundabout?

Turns out YouTube doesn’t have an answer for you (someone needs to get on that) but we have a feeling it would look something like this:

This footage is taken from Andy Bozell’s ride back in September at the 3/8-mile paved oval at Kalamazoo Speedway in Michigan.

As part of an event called the “Call of the Wild,” Bozell reset the record for the fastest ever lap at a 3/8-mile paved oval with a time of 9.465 seconds at 142 mph.

The previous record had been set by Mike Shewchuk, who ran a 9.924-second lap at the same event in 2015.

So how much faster can they go before they start mandating an in-car bucket?