Matt Mingay reflects on his near-fatal SUPER Trucks crash

Back on June 4, Australian driver Matt Mingay was involved in a Stadium SUPER Trucks crash at Belle Isle Park in Detroit.

During Lap 3 of the Saturday race, Mingay’s truck turned on its side exiting a corner. His truck hit the concrete wall roof-first, with the wall tearing off the roof and pushing an object through his jaw and his mouth. Mingay died at the scene and had to be revived. He was then placed in a coma and taken to hospital in critical condition, where he was diagnosed with 40 broken bones.

Fortunately for Mingay, he has no recollection of the incident and, many surgeries later, he’s got a smile back on his face and is looking to be back behind the wheel of his truck again soon. In fact, his biggest challenge may come in just trying to convince his wife Sheena.

“Bad luck run, I’m trying to convince her,” said Mingay. “I have every faith in the Stadium Super Truck Series, like I said, four years and the worst they’ve had is a broken collarbone.”

While the video above was published by speedcafeTV back in September, Mingay’s incredible story of recovery is certainly one for the ages.

(H/T Jalopnik)

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Laying In hospital pondering what life has to throw at me. Mehh.. Only a couple of huge dramas hahahahaha. #lifeistough