Video appears to show Tesla predicting a crash before it happens

A car crash can happen in an instant, and any forewarning that helps a driver’s reaction time can prove to be lifesaving.

In October 2014, Tesla added a radar to its Autopilot suite that can sense vehicles and other objects around even if the camera can’t see them.

On Tuesday, Dec. 27, this technology helped this driver and his family avoid an incident when it sensed a significant closing rate between the two vehicles in front of him.

The vehicle, which was traveling about 70 mph in Autopilot mode, sounded an alarm to warn the driver and then reportedly began slowing the car down before the two cars ahead even made contact.

There were reportedly no serious injuries in the incident. Although the vehicle’s system would have been engaged even if the car wasn’t in Autopilot mode, brake lights ahead were visible from the vehicle, and it is always advisable to continue to practice safe driving procedures even in an autonomous vehicle.