Don’t park there! 15 cars fall through ice at 2016 Winterfest

No one ever gives tickets for parking on ice; you just do it at your own risk.

Unfortunately for the owners of these 15 unoccupied vehicles, they returned from the 2016 Winterfest at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin on Saturday to find their cars submerged in water, after the ice they had parked on had given way.

Though parking on the lake is commonly done at the event, Wisconsin had seen warmer weather and a higher turnout than usual at the Winterfest, meaning more cars parked on softer ice. The ice broke at around 2 p.m., and three vehicles were still under water at 10 p.m., reported WTMJ.

Darien Schaefer, president of Visit Lake Geneva, told reporters that they do not encourage people to park on the ice and that there are plenty of other parking areas available, although WTMJ said space was scarce.

No injuries were reported.