This is what Formula E cars will look like in Season 5

Image: Spark Racing Technology

Spark Racing Technology (SRT) has unveiled its design for the next generation of Formula E cars.

SRT was founded in 2012 and built the Spark-Renault SRT_01E, which each Formula E team ran during the inaugural season from 2014-2015. Now, the French company – having won the official tender from the FIA to supply the season 5 chassis from 2018 onwards – has released images of the SRT05e.


Image: Spark Racing Technology

For season 5, which will run from 2018-2019, the cars will be redesigned to be more aerodynamic, lighter and more efficient. The reason why is simple: Beginning in Season 5, the cars will have to be able to complete a full race without stopping.

Currently, the batteries are not powerful enough to take a Formula E car from the start to the finish of an ePrix, and so the drivers have to pit mid-race to change vehicles. For this next generation of car, a new battery will be installed that will be powerful enough to go from flag-to-flag, but it will be heavier.

The SRT05e will also feature safety improvements such as an aeroscreen, which will help protect the driver from any flying debris, as well as fenders over each tire to prevent cars going airborne from wheel-to-wheel contact.