Psychological study designs ‘the perfect car’

Have a couple of thousand people design the perfect car and you’ll end up with something perfectly hideous. At least that was the outcome of a study conducted by a psychology professor in the U.K.

Professor Peter Hancock of Scotland’s University of Stirling asked 2,004 Britons to pick their favorite cars from among the most popular in several categories, including sports and retro models, and the elements they liked most about each, The Sunday Times reports.

They then had to choose their favorite body styles, colors, and what type of doors they preferred: conventional, suicide or gullwing.

When Hancock tallied the results, he ended up with a four-door sedan with the front of an Aston Martin DB9 with Mini Cooper headlights added, the roof and windows of a Lamborghini Gallardo, the rear end of a Triumph Spitfire fitted with Audi A1 taillights, the four doors from a Rolls Royce Phantom (suicide style in the rear, of course,) the wheels of a Range Rover Evoque SUV, and the side view mirrors from a Citroen C4 Picasso, which is an odd-looking car in its own right.

Few will be surprised that the bizarre whole, in this case, is lesser than the sum of its parts. Professional car designers can breathe easily, as they their jobs don’t appear to be in jeopardy.

That is unless their names are Homer Simpson and they work for Powell Motors

Although shag carpeting and tailfins will never really go out of style, will they?

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