Chad Reed blasts inconsistent officials after Anaheim disqualification (VIDEO)

One of the major talking points after Saturday night’s Monster Energy Supercross race was the incident involving two-time 450SX champion Chad Reed and 2008 Lites East champion Trey Canard, which ultimately led to the disqualification of Reed.

While battling for fourth on Lap 7, Canard misjudged Reed’s line and collided with him, resulting in both riders slamming to the ground. After remounting, Reed immediately showed his displeasure by pushing Canard wide. The American Honda rider ran into tuff blocks and crashed again.

"In my mind, obviously I went over the jump there before the mechanics’ area, I was on the inside, and obviously the next minute I’m cartwheeling down the track and Trey landed right on the back of me," Reed told Racer X following the race. "So, yeah, at that point I’m pretty mad and confused about what went down. So we both pick it up and get going, and I throw an elbow, and I get going. I didn’t look back to see if he went down or anything like that.

"Then I immediately see the black flag and I was just like, kind of just like at a loss for words. I’ve never been black flagged before, and especially in a situation like that — in a half a lap [after the incident]. Yeah, I admit I threw an elbow, but it was kind of a "what the (expletive)" kind of thing, you know?"

The incident occured in front of FIM Race Director John Gallagher, who immediately black flagged Reed for retaliating.

"Not ever will we accept a rider taking matters into his own hands," Gallagher told

He continued: "When a rider chooses to do that, to take matters into his own hands, how would I know when it’s going to stop? Is it going to stop on that one incident? The next time he sees him [is] he going to hit him again or? There’s no rule that says he’s going to do only this much, and that’s why he got a black flag."

After cooling off and taking time to review replays, Reed took to Twitter to further argue his point.

The two-time champion wasn’t the only one vocal about the inconsistent penalties handed down by AMA/FIM officials. RCH Racing co-owner Carey Hart pinpointed an incident last year at Atlanta when Mike Alessi intentionally wrecked Broc Tickle in the second 450SX Heat. Alessi wasn’t black flagged and was able to transfer directly to the 450SX Main Event, where he enjoyed his best finish of the season (sixth).