Product test: Armored car CEO sits in SUV while shot at by an AK-47

Sharpshooter Lawrence Kosub gets set up to take shots at a Mercedes-Benz SUV while Texas Armoring Corporation CEO Trent Kimball sits behind the wheel.

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is a supplier of bulletproof vehicles based out of San Antonio, TX. In its latest video, the company’s CEO Trent Kimball brings product testing to a whole new level as he sits inside one of TAC’s bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz SUV’s while it’s being shot at by an AK-47.

Sharpshooter Lawrence Kosub takes 12 shots in total, with cameras set up outside and – yes – even inside the vehicle. How Kimball doesn’t flinch throughout the whole thing is beyond us.

Do not attempt at home.

Video by armoredvehicles.

By comparison, this is how people used to have to test bullet-proof glass:

Video by eFootage. Do not attempt this at home either.