Overtaking problem in F1 fixed, says Sebastian Vettel

The field races out of the final turn during the Chinese GP. (Photo: Charles Coates/LAT Images)
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The overtaking problem with F1’s faster new cars took a back seat in Shanghai.

After Melbourne, the paddock collectively worried that while the new cars are faster and more spectacular, the greater aerodynamic drag makes passing significantly rarer.

But the overtaking on Sunday was spectacular, featuring Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in particular.

“I had not seen a Vettel like that for a long time,” said Marc Surer, a former F1 driver turned pundit.

Vettel, an avowed F1 purist, approved of the show F1 put on in Shanghai.

“It was difficult to get close — like the last race, you felt the effect but here was a much better track to overtake,” he said after the race.

“It’s the way it should be — you need to make it stick so it doesn’t come for free. You shouldn’t just open the flap (DRS) and sail past. It was good fun,” he said.

“It’s like football — not every game is great,” Vettel continued. “In Australia we saw few maneuvers, that’s true, but that was often the case in Melbourne.

“Here everything was back to normal, so I don’t see a problem,” he added.

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