WatchMojo counts down top 10 movies for car enthusiasts

(Photo: Getty Images)

WatchMojo is a popular YouTube channel that consists of various top 10 lists – mostly movie related.

On Monday, the channel uploaded a video titled the “Top 10 Movies for Car Enthusiasts.” While the video has tallied over 45,000 views in its first day, it has about a 4:1 like to dislike ratio, suggesting that there are several people who may disagree with the rankings.

According to the video’s narrator, the rankings were based on how good the movie was as well as how much they appealed to the average gearhead.

Spoiler Alert: We’ve listed the full rankings below the embedded video.

10. “Drive”
9. “Le Mans”
8. “Ronin”
7. “Death Proof”
6. “The Italian Job”
5. “Gone in 60 Seconds”
4. “Vanishing Point”
3. “Bullitt”
2. “Rush”
1. “Furious 7”