Montezemolo wants meeting over F1’s ‘wrong’ direction

Luca di Montezemolo, Chairman of Ferrari, seen with driver Kimi Raikkonen at the 2014 Bahrain GP. (Photo: Andy Hone/LAT Photographic)

Andrew Hone/Andrew Hone Photographer


Luca di Montezemolo has written to Bernie Ecclestone and Donald McKenzie of F1 shareholder CVC to express his concerns about the future of the sport.

The Ferrari boss wants to host a meeting of key players in order to discuss what might be done. Montezemolo has made it clear recently that he is not happy with the current regulations. He also wants F1 to officially embrace social media.

The Ferrari website outlined the contents of the letter today, and its statement is worth reproducing in full:

“Ferrari has had Formula 1 coursing through its veins for over half a century and that’s why it has decided to make a move to turn the sport away from the wrong turn it appears to have taken.



“The Maranello marque has decided to do this through the means of a formal act, which is a concrete proposal, in the form of a letter from its President Luca di Montezemolo to the Formula 1 rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone and to the president of the company that owns Formula 1. It is not an ultimatum, nor a threat, but a proposal to call together all the key players in the sport to sit down around a table and come up with new ideas that will see Formula 1 continue to set the benchmark in motorsport, on level terms with global events such as the Olympics and the football World Cup.

“The President wants to see a collective brainstorming from the group to act for the good of Formula 1. Contributions from all areas are of value; teams, sponsors, promoters and media, so that the key values of Formula 1 can be re-established. President Montezemolo would also like to see other high-end players invited, those who are currently not involved or only partially so; new media, social networks and colossi such as Google and Apple.

“Formula 1 has to be based on technical innovation, research and development, but this must all be done with sustainable costs and above all, must be moved forward as part of a product that can put on a show. Because it is the show that draws in the commercial partners, the sponsors and, above all, the fans, who are the real end users of the Formula 1 product.

“Finding the right mix of these ingredients will be vital for the sustainability and the future success of our much-loved sport.”