F1: McLaren admits money will be tight in 2016

McLaren driver Jenson Button powers his car around Marina Bay Street Circuit during the Singapore GP.


Eric Boullier, racing director for McLaren, has conceded that the team could face a financial shortfall as it heads into 2016 – but the Frenchman said that it’s too early to suggest that Honda will have to pump more money into the team.

"I’m not saying it’s going to be Honda," said Boullier.

"We have to do it, so there are other mechanisms, but we are going to address this if it happens."

McLaren is currently ninth place in the constructors’ championship, and that will mean a significant drop in future earnings from Formula One Management.

"We have not definitely asked Honda about such a scenario, because it’s still a little bit early days," said Boullier.

"As a partner we will have to address this scenario next year."

In addition, some sponsors are departing, although Boullier suggested a new name would be announced soon.

"As a team as well we are working hard to improve our sponsorship portfolio, and I cannot guarantee you 100 percent, but 99.9 percent there will be some announcement soon," said Boullier.

"We are working hard, and we obviously have to find sponsors, and if we are not finishing in the right ranking in the championship, will we lose some direct FOM money, and we will have to find a way to replace it."