Check out this Mario Kart themed nursery

To an artist, a blank canvas is a space for opportunity and creativity to flow.

That goes for not just easels, but empty rooms too, as Reddit user troymcklure has proven with this Mario Kart themed nursery.

The room features – among other things – beautifully painted walls, fake grass, 3D printed coins and – yes – even a custom-built light-up Mario Kart on the ceiling.

The creator reveals in a blog post on that he planned on building the nursery when he found out he was going to father another child back in Oct. of 2013. One and a half years and a variety of artistic techniques later, and this is the incredible result.

It is not the first time the creator has designed a room like this, also having created a Yoshi’s Island Nursery and Baby Mobile and a Legend of Zelda Nursery.

A 94-image gallery of the room is available on HERE.

Video by Geeksmithing