Watch this motorcycle racer wipe out in slow motion in Macau

The Macau Grand Prix takes place this weekend at the Guia Circuit in Macau, China.

As many racing seasons come to a close, various drivers travel from a cross the world to compete in a series of events at the 3.8-mile long street circuit, which often produces some gnarly crashes.

Since the track is difficult enough for those on four wheels, just imagine how tricky it is for those on two.

Motorcycle racer Horst Saiger was reminded the hard way of how much the Guia Circuit can bite during qualifying on Friday. Fortunately for us, Saiger had a camera onboard to capture the incident. According to, Saiger was able to get back on his Kawasaki and ride it back to the pits. He will start the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix from sixth place.

And also in full speed:

While Saiger is OK, the Austrian did seem bummed to miss breakfast while he was undergoing a medical check:

The FIA is providing a live stream of the full event: