Mexican-designed Inferno hypercar made from metal foam

Arguably one of the most unique supercar concepts ever seen, the Inferno Exotic Car has a 1,400-horsepower twin turbo V8, 670 pound-feet of torque, and makers claim it can go from 0-62 mph in less than three seconds. But, that’s not the part that makes it so different.

The car is built from a "metal foam", which is a space-age material made up of a zinc, aluminum, and silver alloy. This metal foam can not only stretch to 100 times its original length, but it can bounce back as well. This means if the car happened to get into a minor accident, the skin of the car would not be damaged because of the compound.

Designed in Mexico and built in Italy, it is the work of Mexican design company DoZeRek, with the help Antonio Ferraioli. Ferraioli has also had a part in the creation of the Lamborghini Asterion, Veneno Roadster, and Aventado Superveloce.

Although this car has not been seen in action yet, the metal foam concept and what lies under the hood are very intriguing.