How was this General Lee jump ever not going to end badly?

Just because your car looks like the General Lee doesn’t mean you should jump it.

Fortunately for 39-year-old stuntman Raymond Kohn, he was able to walk out of his orange 1969 Dodge Charger after a hard landing on Friday. Additionally, Kohn is the owner of an auto repair shop reports the Detroit Free Press, which should help cover the repair bill.

According to the report, Kohn drove up a five-foot ramp at 55 mph, launching him 25 feet into the air. He landed 134 feet later with an impact that destroyed his car and almost sent him head-on into a concrete pole.

However, Kohn was able to bring his Charger to a halt safely. Shortly thereafter his team waved a green flag, indicating to onlookers that he was OK.

The stunt kicked off the 65th annual Autorama show just outside of the Cobo Center in Detroit on Friday. As part of the festivities, Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat will stop by the event on Saturday.

While Kohn admitted that he was scared during the stunt, he adds that he was actually pleased with the landing.

“When it comes down on the nose, that’s what we’re looking for,” Kohn told the Detroit Free Press. “The car tips up like a beer can. It takes up the energy when it hits. If it lands on all four wheels, that’s when you feel the most pain.”

Listen to an interview with Kohn and watch another angle of the stunt below: