‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ Mustang headed for the auction block

The seller claims this 1967 Mustang was one of three that got screen time during the movie.

It’ll probably take more than 60 seconds, but there’s little doubt this modified Mustang will be gone when it crosses the block at Mecum’s Austin auction in December.

Nicknamed "Eleanor," 11 similar cars were built for the 2000 film "Gone In 60 Seconds," but the seller claims this is one of three that got screen time with the stars, including Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie, and has the letter of authenticity to back up the claim.

It started life as a 1967 Mustang, but got a full body makeover by designer Steve Stanford in the style of a Shelby GT500 and a host of updates under the skin, as well.

There’s a Ford Racing 351 V8 with Holley 4-barrel carbs, high-volume fuel pump, Positraction rear axle, and side exhaust pipes added after it retired from Hollywood.

Inside, it has a wood rimmed Lecarra steering wheel, a sport comp tach mounted to the steering column, fire suppression system and a "Go Baby Go" shifter knob with a big red faux-nitrous oxide button.

There’s no official pre-sale estimate for the car, but one of the other three that was driven by Cage sold last year for $1 million.