Ferrari 250 GTO and Jaguar E-Type nearly collide at Goodwood

Image: @GoodwoodRRC/Twitter

The 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting takes place in England this weekend, which means there are a lot of classic cars racing fender to fender with each other.

Unfortunately, that also means there are a lot of cringeworthy moments as these expensive machines are not immune to incidents.

Fortunately, John Breslow and the Jaguar E-Type and James Cottingham in the Ferrari 250 GTO were both able to drive away without any altered bodywork following a scare during qualifying for the Graham Hill Trophy.

Breslow lost control in the Jaguar and looped it around on the track while Cottingham was able to take to the grass and narrowly avoid him in his Ferrari.

The Jaguar ends up making light contact with the tire barrier, but it could have been much worse.