Fernando Alonso frustrated after failing to start in Russia

Fernando Alonso's McLaren-Honda broke down on the formation lap for the Russian GP. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)
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Fernando Alonso was left frustrated after he failed even to start the Russian GP after yet more Honda technical troubles.

Alonso stopped on the formation lap after a reboot failed to solve an ERS issue, with his stranded car causing the start to be aborted for a second formation lap. The drama came one race after Stoffel Vandoorne had to pull out of the Bahrain GP shortly before the start.

Alonso now heads to Indianapolis, via Italy and New York, for his test debut next week.

“Obviously it’s frustrating,” he said. “The fourth race of the championship, four DNFs, this time we didn’t even make the start, so we are not able to participate in the Grand Prix. That’s sad, but nothing we can do now. We come here we drive as fast as we can, we help the team as much as we can, and we prepare for the next Grand Prix. Hopefully the next one will be a little bit better.”

Regarding his Indy test debut he said: “We are looking at the weather forecast, which at the moment looks a little bit random for the next week. But I think it’s good to have some tests there, with a completely different car. But let’s see. My main focus, my dream, my life is F1, so whatever you do between the weeks, we need to figure out how to improve F1, and how to be up there on the podium.”