F1: Raikkonen feeling ‘fit’ after crash in Silverstone

Kimi Raikkonen seen smiling prior to the 2014 British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen says he’s feeling 100 percent fit after his heavy accident at Silverstone 11 days ago.

The Finn was forced to miss the test at the same venue to give himself a chance to recover.

"I had some pain but it’s all fine," he said Thursday. "Actually it was in my ribs the most, that’s why I didn’t do the test, but it’s all gone away."

Asked if he’d ever had a bigger accident, he said: "Yeah, probably I have had. Hopefully not too many more but it’s just part of the thing. It hurt a little bit but quite often you can have a quite slow accident and get badly hurt, so it’s not about that really, it was just an unfortunate thing. Nothing serious happened. It’s part of the sport."

Meanwhile Kimi said he’s still hopeful that his season will improve.

"It’s been a difficult year, hopefully it will turn around at some point – it must, it cannot go much longer like this, it’s not fun. But this kind of thing has happened to me before and we always managed to turn it around, so I have a strong belief it will turn around. We have to just fix issues and get things as I want and I’m sure we can be back where we should be.

"I’m sure we can fix them. How fast? I hope quickly but it depends on many things. I have a contract so I’m not worried about that for the future."