Twenty years on, Pacific Grand Prix website is still online

Bertrand Gachot steers his Pacific PR02 Ford during the 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix, where he retired with gearbox issues.

Pacific Grand Prix was a motor racing team that competed in the 1994 and 1995 Formula One seasons.

The team never scored an F1 point and, in fact, failed to make it to the finish of a grand prix in 1994 (granted, in 11 of the 16 races, it failed to qualify). In 1995, it was able to start each race and both Andrea Montermini and Bertrand Gachot were each able to score a season-high, eighth-place finish on one occasion (back when points were only awarded to the top six).

The team’s website hasn’t been updated since Oct. 1, 1995 and it is optimized for Netscape 1.1. Fortunately, it also seems to work on our modern-day browsers too, although there are a few dead links on the page.

We’re not entirely sure how it has been able to pay to keep the site up for all those years, but one possibility is that it bought a multi-year package, which means you should check it out at before it expires.

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