‘Much can happen’: Rosberg relaxed about F1 title prospects

Nico Rosberg sits 24 points back of Lewis Hamilton heading into this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.


Nico Rosberg was in a relaxed mood in Interlagos on Thursday as he pondered his title prospects, and in particular the fact that he has to rely, to a large extent, on Lewis Hamilton hitting problems.

“It’s clear that I need to rely on something happening,” he said. “For sure there’s not enough for me to win, unfortunately, but that’s the way it is. Anyways, in sport so much can happen, so I’m still very optimistic.”

Regarding the change of fortunes in the last part of the season, he said: “Lewis has done a little bit of a better job since then. That’s it, pretty simple, but as I say, still two races.”

Rosberg says knowing that the championship will go the final race has made a difference.

“Great news that for sure this year I have a chance to win the championship the way it is now. That’s a good thing. I’m also happy because it’s good for the fans that it’s going to be exciting until the very end. And, yeah, for sure it keeps me very, very optimistic.”

He also had no time for anyone who criticizes him should he win on double points.

“I wouldn’t respond. Everybody can have their opinion and in sport it’s the points that count in the end and, of course, then you can debate who deserved it more or less. That’s always going to be the case.”